Kukua is an African pillowcase with a floral pattern in the colours purple-brown and little light blue parts. The fabric is light and finely woven and is ideal as a summer fabric. With its curved lines, we can imagine this beautiful cushion cover on a cosy wooden bench in the garden. But this pillowcase also makes a good impression in the living room. Kukua measures 40 x 40 centimetres and is easily opened and closed with a zip. The fabric was produced by ATL in Ghana. The pillowcase itself was handmade by our partners "Alex & Francis" from Ghana.

Most Mawulo pillowcases are given typical African names. So we have chosen Kukua for this pillowcase. Kukua is a female first name from Ghana from the Fante people. In Ghana it is a tradition to give the first name after the day of the week on which one was born. Typically Kukua is a girl born on a Wednesday.

Data sheet

40 x 40cm
Closure Type
Care Instructions
Max. 40 ° degrees / dry gently / medium iron temp.
Proudly made in
Ghana (Africa)
100% Cotton
Fabric Pattern
floral pattern

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