About Mawulo

Mawulo is a heart project with great values and demands. It stands for love, charity, respect and fairness. We from Mawulo would like to do our part to make the world a little bit better. We have made it our goal to give people in Africa a better life through work. Because many people in Africa lack of good jobs and a fair payment. The goal is to help the disadvantaged and to secure them in the long term and to make them as independent and self-reliant as possible.

What makes Mawulo so special? We do not just sell any African goods. We sell hope with the chance for a better life and we sell a good conscience. To live up to this claim, we want to know who produces for us and how we can help them. Whether tailors, basket makers, woodworkers or artists, we know them all in person. This is important to us. So we know we sell products that were made with love by small producers in Africa.

But not only our producers should be supported. Therefore we support different projects or persons at irregular intervals. Among the sponsored can be other heart projects but also disadvantaged people who are worth to be supported. The individual support projects will be published in our blog.

Take part and help Mawulo to make the world better.

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