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Mythical tale of creation from West Africa

Our version of the vodoo creation story of Fon

Once upon a time, long before our time, there was a goddess named Nana Buluku. Nana Buluku created the universe and with it the stars. So Nana also gave birth to her children Mawu and Lisa. Both should rule over the earth after their death. Mawu was the goddess of the cool moon and Lisa the god of the fiery sun.

The goddess Mawu was calm, gentle and peaceful as the night. She also stood for fertility, joy and relaxation. Her brother Lisa was the complete opposite. Hot and glowing like the sun, he was full of energy, bursting with strength, not afraid of hard work, but also of war. He had a fiery temper, was unyielding and tough. While her gentle nature radiated a calming effect on him.

So the two could not be more different and yet they loved each other dearly. Because Mawu and Lisa were not only siblings but also lovers. But Mawu lived on the moon and Lisa lived on the sun. Therefore they saw each other only very rarely. So they both feverishly awaited the next solar eclipse until they could finally meet again and merge into one for a few minutes.

According to a legend, Mawu and Lisa are said to have fathered their children at this time, as the sun and moon overlapped. Together they gave birth to several pairs of twins, which in turn were gods with different powers. For example gods of the sky, water or life.

Background knowledge about Mawu Lisa

During the slave trade, Nana Buluku travelled on the ships with her people. Her children Mawu and Lisa protected the slaves day and night until the new world. Thus this mythology has spread to America and can still be found today in many countries of America. Nana Buluku even made it into the booklets of a very famous American comic publisher as the male comic figure "African God - Father of the Vodoo".

As different as the people who tell the story of Nana Buluku today are, as different are the stories themselves. Sometimes people talk about Mawu and Lisa, the siblings, sometimes about lovers and sometimes Mawulisa is a unity, a God with a divided personality. But also the names of Nana are manifold. Sometimes she is called Buluku, sometimes Kuruku or Bukuu. In Nigeria the Igbu call her Olisabuluwa. In Brazil, however, she is probably called Candomble Jeje. The number of children of Mawu and Lisa also varies depending on the source. But that does not make the story any less interesting. On the contrary, it testifies to a rich and long journey around the wide world.

So we associate the name Mawuli with this beautiful story. Therefore we have chosen Mawulo as our name.

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