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Where's Mawulo from?

Mawulo is a modification of Mawuli. Mawuli is a common name for boys in West Africa. A friend of ours is called Mawuli. In order not to make ourselves too arbitrary we have exchanged the i of Mawuli for an o. And so Mawulo was born.

According to our research, the name Mawuli comes from the Ewe or Fon. The Ewe as well as the Fon are West African tribes. They mainly live in today's Ghana, Togo and Benin.

How is Mawuli pronounced?

Mawuli is pronounced almost as one would pronounce it in German. Only the w is slightly hinted at, if at all. It is therefore as good as silent. So when you pronounce Mawuli, it sounds more like Mauli.

What does Mawuli mean?

Mawu is generally translated as God in Ghana. Mawuli means something like "God exists" or "God is there" or "God lives".

However, one of the real reasons why we chose the name Mawulo is rather a mythical story we suspect behind the name Mawuli. It is a West African version of the creation story. We really liked this beautiful and kinda romantic story. Since there are many versions of this story online, we have made our own version out of them.

You will find it in our next article.

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