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Donate for Abdul-Rahman

Who is Abdul-Rahman?

Abdul-Rahman is 29 years old and he is from Ghana. Moreover is he physically handicapped and does not have it easy in life. But he has a dream.

How did Mawulo met Abdul-Rahman?

On behalf of Mawulo I was in Ghana to find beautiful African products like colorful african pillow cases or handmade african shopping bags for our online shop. That was at the beginning of February 2020, before the corona wave rolled over us all. I had to copy something there and went to a copy shop. There Abdul-Rahman was also standing in front of the counter. The salesman behind the counter told me that unfortunately nothing can be copied today. Annoyed, I wanted to leave the shop already, but Abdul-Rahman offered me his help. He told me he knows another shop and could show me there. Of course I was happy about his help and accepted it greatfully. While we were on our way to the copy shop I noticed his disability. That's how we got into conversation.

What happened?

I had noticed that one of his arms was missing and he could not walk well. So I asked him about it. He told me how it happened. As a small boy Abdul-Rahman was travelling with his father in Ghana. But then they had an accident. He lost his arm but unfortunately also his dad.

Why does Abdul-Rahman need our help?

Since then he has been fighting for his future. Because finding a job as a disabled person is almost impossible in Ghana. But unfortunately another problem came along. He got infected with Buruli, an aggressive bacterium. This attacks the skin and forms ulcers all over it. The ulcer was operated and skin was transplanted. But unfortunately the skin was rejected by his body and the wound doesn't heal. Abdul-Rahman has no job. Accordingly, he is dependent on donations. Fortunately he is a positive person who would like to take his life into his own hands.

Abdul-Rahman has a dream

His dream is to heal his wound and not to be dependent on donations anymore. Abdul-Rahman has a plan to make sure that it does not remain just a dream: First, he needs further donations for his hospital treatments, wound care after the hospital and accommodation. In this accommodation he could rest and heal the wound.

BUT so that he will no longer be dependent on donations in the future, he also wants to use the accommodation as a start for his business idea. In the past, he has already been involved in graphic design and is familiar with the typical computer programs. In future he plans to offer various clients branding services: To design logos, design flyers, print T-shirts, create websites or even social media channels. Because things will probably not run smoothly in the beginning, he also wants to offer "mobile money" in his rented room. This is a widespread way of sending, depositing or withdrawing money by mobile phone via small shops in Africa.


In order to be able to lead an independent life in the future, he needs seed capital for his plans. The required donations are made up as follows:

  1. 4500 € for his treatment plus subsequent wound care
  2. 2500 € for accommodation for 2 years including costs for water and electricity.
  3. 1500 € as starting capital for his business idea including running costs for internet.

How can I help Abdul-Rahman?

  1. Share, Share, Share ….
  2. To help Abdul-Rahman reach his dreams, we at Mawulo have set up a donation website for him. You can reach it via the following link. There you can donate directly to Abdul-Rahman. I will hand over 100% of the donations to Abdul-Rahman: GoAndFundMe.com
  3. Furthermore we will donate 10% of all products you buy here on Mawulo until 15.10.2020 to Abdul-Rahman.

How do I know if the money really reaches Abdul-Rahman?

We are planning updates on his status. These include more videos or pictures of Abdul-Rahman and hopefully an improvement of his situation.

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