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Hello World!

In 1978, the American computer scientist Dennis Ritchie made the expression "hello, world" known worldwide. Since then, junior programmers from all over the world have had the text "Hello World" displayed on their screens. To proof their first steps. This ritual means as much as "Hello world, look, my first code is written and working". Meanwhile, other people use this expression on similar occasions.

Hello, world! Mawulo is here! Happy Birthday Mawulo!!

So this first blog post is the official start of my heart's desire project MAWULO. But my project started much earlier. As an idea, as a little spark in my head, the project was born one morning and took its course.

Now you're probably wondering, what's the deal with Mawulo? Who is behind the project? What's behind the project? And how exactly did the idea come about? Many questions that I would like to explain in the following articles.

So you can be excited.

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