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The colourful fabric bags from Mawulo are characterised by their lightness. They are made of cotton and are handmade in Africa by local producers. They are available in different sizes. Our fabric bags are as individual as each one of us: in different colours, colourful patterns, fine or coarse weave. With a Mawulo bag you will stand out with your next purchase. So your next purchase will become a special shopping experience. By the way, fabric bags are also often found under the terms cotton bags, jute bags or just shopping bags. But even gym bags are fabric bags, but they look a little different. You can also find gym bags in our shop.

Trendy fabric bags for your next purchase

Who does not know the ugly plastic bags from the supermarket or the jute bag printed with advertising. They do not look beautiful. The stylish fabric bags from Mawulo made in Africa are completely different. With such a bag you will attract attention. The next shopping experience is guaranteed to be an experience. Customers often tell us people ask them about their colourful bags. With good reason. So with a Mawulo fabric bag you are fully in line with the trend.

Mawulo fabric bags not only look good

They are also functional and great for our environment. Because such a fabric bag can be easily stowed away for the next spontaneous purchase. It's best to keep your African fabric bag in the car or in the pocket of your jacket. That way you are always prepared for your next shopping trip. Fabric bags are very durable shopping bags. So if you take good care of your colourful bag, you can reuse it many times. This is what makes cotton bags so environmentally friendly.

Once again on the road and a quick shopping trip to the supermarket around the corner. When you stand at the checkout to pay your goods, you realize that the old free ugly plastic bags are no longer available. If you had a colourful cloth bag from Mawulo in your car, you could easily transport your goods. The Mawulo fabric bags are in the end nice and colourful bags that you can easily store in your jacket pocket. So you always have them ready. Very stable for shopping and functionality.

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