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Pillow Cases

Not just useful, also beautiful: colorful pillow cases

Pillow cases are not only extremely practical. They also transform your home into your personal oasis of recreation. Like that you can set special, color-coordinated accents in your apartment. Simply buy the right pillowcase, put it on your pillow and feel comfortable in your cozy home. And best of all, if you no longer like the colorful pillowcases, you can replace them easily and cheaply. You can redecorate your living room in no time.  But that doesn't just work in the living room. Imagine a beautiful garden with a shady spot under a tree. Underneath is an inviting bench there to linger. On the bench are soft pillows with our pillowcases with the summer fabrics look particularly good. In the shade, leaning against those soft pillows, you sit there and comfortably read your book. Nice thought right?

Pillow cases are available in a wide variety of materials. Mostly they are made of soft cotton. But cotton fabrics can also differ. For example, there is thick and thin material. In addition, each pillowcase has its own color and shape. They are available in round, square, rectangular and all sorts of other shapes. There are also colorful pillow cases or plain colors. Here at Mawulo we sell beautiful colorful African pillow cases with bright colors. By the way, with the outstanding patterns you are right on trend.

When buying, you should pay particular attention to the pillow dimensions. Typical sizes are 40 x 40 cm and 50 x 50 cm. It is best to measure the pillow or pillow case before you buy to make sure that you are ordering the correct pillowcase. You should also think about which colors go with your furniture or your room.

Features of pillow cases you can buy at Mawulo:

- colorful African pillow cases
- Zippered pillowcases
- Pillow cases with geometric patterns such as triangles or stripes
- Pillow cases with a floral pattern
- 100% cotton pillowcases
- Cushion covers washable at 30 degrees
- Pillow cases in different sizes

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